Winners: Visual Art and Essay Contest

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Thank you to the judges, and to the Mahmoud S Taman Foudation for prize awards!

First Place Essay: Sandra McKinney
Second Place Essay: Anonymous
Third Place Essay: Jean Minnich
Winner in Art, First and Second Place: Matthew Hey

From McKinney's winning essay:

"As we explore poverty in the Chippewa Valley I encourage us all to see the enemy of indifference that pierces into the hearts of many. We can’t fight for a cause we don’t care about. We can all read statistics about poverty, but how many times do we look at the statistics and  imagine we are looking into the face of a friend, a parent, a sibling? Imagine the child begging on the street as your future son or daughter; or grandchild. Or perhaps it’s looking in the mirror. It’s time we all come out of the shadows and voice our truth."

From Anonymous' Second Place Essay: 

"There is a stigma about poverty. It makes you feel unworthy and irrelevant For the longest time I deluded myself into believing I was not impoverished because in my eyes it would mean that I was a huge failure. But maybe it is others failing to see that POVERTY IS NOT A CHOICE."

From Minnich's Third Place Essay: 

"The media keeps the public updated on the poverty issues when they get stories but the media does not see what you or I see on a daily basis. I think the news can do more than what they are doing."


First Place Essay


Second Place Essay


Third Place Essay


Winning visual art

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