Bob Nagel

Bob Nagel

Holsum Dairies Manager

Note: Brent Cousin, a veterinarian for Holsum Dairies sat in for Bob Nagel, who could not attend.

Bob Nagel, MS DVM, is a partner and general manager at award-winning Holsum Dairies LLC in Hilbert, WI, which as two 4,000-cow dairy operations that have been honored for sustainability and innovation. 

Nagel holds a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a Master’s degree in reproductive biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1993.  He completed veterinary certification in 1997 at the University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine.  He practiced veterinary medicine from 1997 until joining Holsum in 2007. Holsum Dairies were an early adopter of methane digesters and currently produces over 2 Megawatts of electricity.


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