Curt Meine

Curt Meine

Conservation Biologist, Historian and Writer

Curt Meine, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized conservation biologist, historian, and writer who has spent more than 30 years exploring the relationship between humans and the landscape, including a focus on issues such as wetland restoration, conservation planning and sustainable agriculture. 

He is a fellow of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters and oversaw the Academy’s Waters of Wisconsin Initiative, which evaluated the status and needs of Wisconsin’s water resources and ecosystems. He is a fellow of the Aldo Leopold Foundation and the Center for Humans and Nature in Chicago; a Research Associate with the International Crane Foundation; and Associate Adjunct Professor in the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. In his home landscape he is a founding member of the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance. Meine received bachelor’s degrees in English and History from DePaul University, and graduate degrees from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. Noted for his scholarship on Aldo Leopold, he also writes on history, ecology, and conservation.


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