Beyond the Headlines Eau Claire

Hard Times: An Artistic Expression of Poverty in Eau Claire

Oct 10, 2018
7:00 pm

Pablo Center at the Confluence, JAMF Theater
128 Graham Avenue
Eau Claire, WI

Start with a group of selected Eau Claire-area authors with deep literary talents and a passion for thoughtful storytelling. Mix them with local musicians who create a symphony of sound that stirs a range of deep emotions. Then add modern dancers whose graceful physical movements lend performances a soulful feel. Place them in a brand-new performing arts center and tell them to combine forces to depict the stories of poverty. The result will be a powerful, artistic display designed to change not only minds but hearts. Event is free; donations may be accepted at the door for The Community Table.

Participants thus far include authors:

  • Nickolas Butler
  • Jeannie Roberts
  • Bruce Taylor
  • Julian Emerson
  • Elan McCallum
  • Dan Lyksett
  • Patti See
  • Max Garland


  • Sue Orfield
  • Jeremy Boettcher
  • Josh Gallagher
  • Greg Gilbertson
  • Billy Krause
  • Shane Leonard

Eau Claire Dance Festival dancers.

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